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LinkedIn Clarity Call with Celia

Eliminate marketing overwhelm in this 15-min high-value call

Are you unsure of how to use LinkedIn effectively for your business? Do you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the different ways you can market your business on LinkedIn?

There is a LOT of conflicting advice out there. And as if this isn’t enough, LinkedIn keeps changing the algorithm. What worked yesterday, no longer works today. How frustrating!

This is where I come in. I’ve spent years learning and testing how to use LinkedIn for marketing. 

The best way to make complicated things simple is a clarity call — a laser-focused 15 mins session with me.

Here are some examples of the different challenges professionals, like you, face:

  • How can I position myself and my services?
  • I’m wearing two hats, how do I promote my two businesses on LinkedIn?
  • I’m about to leave corporate and am not sure what to say about my new venture?
  • How do I increase my visibility on LinkedIn?
  • What should I post on LinkedIn to make more sales?

During the Clarity Call we will do two things. Firstly, I will address one key challenge you may have and secondly, we will briefly explore options of working together – if we happen to be a good fit for each other. 

Are you ready for some clarity + focus? Book your Marketing Clarity Call now.