Our Why

For the love of learning

I believe in the power of books to transform lives. I believe that literacy, training and education along with lifelong learning are critical in the fight against poverty. And they are instrumental in helping us lead a better life; a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Unfortunately, there are millions of children and young adults who lack access to quality reading materials and books. This is the mission of Book Aid International – the charity I support – to supply brand new books to libraries, help build librarians’ expertise and enable local communities in developing countries to flourish.

Out of every project I work on, I donate a small amount to my favourite charity. The donations are earmarked for higher education books helping people like 22-year old Christine from Zimbabwe, pictured above, to become a lawyer. 

The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals outline the international community’s objectives for Quality Education by 2030. It’s an ambitious list and one I’m very keen to contribute towards. 

LinkedIn Pro Bono Support

Since COVID-19 turned our world up side down and a lot of people lost their jobs, I have been delivering LinkedIn training to employees helping them to use the platform effectively for job hunting. Work obligations mean that there is limited availability for me to offer this pro bono work and I’d like to think that by following my content professionals can pick up useful tips to improve their LinkedIn game.